What Clues Are You Leaving To Your Children?

Robert and I headed to our hotel room after the Smart Conference.  While waiting for the elevator I turned around and there she was!  Dr. Meg Meeker.  Immediately I lost all composure and thanked her for making us cry during her message!  It wasn’t just me with tears.  Men all over the auditorium were weeping.  And yours truly, Dr. Sack {my amazing hubby} sat there with tears filling his eyes.  All I can think was, I am so blessed to have had an exceptional earthly Dad.

Problem: Parents have children and sometimes we just don’t know what to do with them.  Confidence is missing in the lives of our little girls.  This is a problem.  They don’t understand the fullness of their value.  Not just daughters, but sons too.  And even with an exceptional dad, I struggled too.  Off to college I went and the insecurities bombarded me!  I just dream about taking away all the identity issues with children and desire for each one to know their true value.

Do you desire for this next generation to understand their identity and value too??

meg meeker

Who is she?  “Dr. Meg Meeker is the country’s leading authority on parenting, teens, and children’s health.  She has practiced pediatric and adolescent medicine for 30 years and has authored six books, including Strong Mothers, Strong Sons and the best-selling Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.  Dr. Meg is board certified with the American Board of Pediatrics and is Assistant Clinical Professor at Michigan State College of Human Medicine. But to me, she is a strong woman with a heart to turn teach what it says in Malachi — to turn the hearts of the fathers back to their sons, and the hearts of the sons back to their fathers.”  {And she’s a kind woman who isn’t startled by an over-zealous ME approaching her in front of the elevator!}


What did I learn?  I learned that there is a strong need for a heart to heart connection between parents and their children. I learned that “A child’s identity is shaped by watching his parents for clues regarding what they believe about him.”

Why did this message stick?  This message stuck because of a story Dr. Meeker told about when she was continually getting declined for medical school.  Disappointed, she walked by her dad’s office one day and heard him on the phone.  She quietly leaned against the wall to hear his conversation.  Without her dad knowing she was listening, he went on in his phone conversation to boldly brag to a friend that his daughter was going to be a Doctor one day.  Dr. Meg Meeker said that her confidence inside her arose.  She knew that one day she would become a doctor.  The reason why?  Because her daddy said so.

Why does this message mean something to me? This message means something to me because I know what that feels like.  My dad used to tell me how amazing I was at basketball.  And to be honest, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized how horrible I was.  But horrible or not, my dad believed in me.  And one high school game I even went on to score 5 {yes, that’s right FIVE} three pointers!  Good or not, our fathers can pull out the best in our character.

And now that I am a parent, I realize the incredible responsibility I {we} have in raising our children.  Our daughters will know who they are by the clues that we leave about them.

What clues are you leaving to your children?  Do they know how beautiful, talented, blessed they are?  If not, leave a few clues today and connect your heart to theirs.  You never know what difference your heart’s connection will make in their lives.


For more resources from Dr. Meg Meeker visit her site.  You will be educated and equipped.

Or grab a copy of her book today! Click on the book below.

Living Intentionally Focused Everyday!




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