{Video} How Do We Get Unstuck? My personal story behind my last 4 weeks…

Life sure has its ups and downs, doesn’t it?  In this video, I stutter through sharing my heart.

In a raw and uncut video, I tell of the physical struggles I’ve had with my mind, body and self-image.  And in this video I share why I started the 4-week “Life Happens” project to get my pants to fit again!  It definitely isn’t polished or easy to say but …  well, I was having trouble typing the story out.  It may not be a big deal to many but to me, it hurt. It was confusing.

Is my body broken?

Digging deep, I wanted to find the solution.  I don’t just want to keep this cycle.  I want to stand on top of this!

How do we get “UNSTUCK”?!  How do we go from Point A to Point B and stop giving up?

I hope you enjoy my heart.

All my love, as we aim to Live Intentionally Focused Everyday!


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