What Happens To You If You Got Rid Of That Three Digit Payment

{3 minute read}  You may think I’m crazy when I say you can be a millionaire by the time you are supposed to start collecting your social security checks.  Please, hear me out.  I’m not crazy.  Well, maybe a bit crazy but only because I love you!  You are why I spend time on this blog.  You, the reader.  I’m madly in love with seeing you succeed!

I believe in you.

I know your life will be empowered and freed once you believe that you can.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Hear me out:

What would happen if you decided to stop that three digit payment?  What is that three digit payment for you?

  1. a car payment?
  2. a monthly cleaning service?
  3. a destructive habit?
  4. a cable bill?
  5. a fitness membership?
  6. eating out?

What is that payment for you?  I know that most payments aren’t $500 a month.  But let’s say you can stop paying on one or two of those payments and find $500 a month.  You’re not making anymore money, you are just freeing up money you already having by stopping a service and/or selling your car.

Dream With Me, About YOU!

If you are 45 years old and you put away $500 a month until 65 (20 years), you would have… {drum roll please}…

$489,000 in your retirement!

Now, if you are 35 year old and you put away $500 a month until 65 (30 years), you would have… {drum roll please}…

$1,636,000 in your retirement!  YOU WOULD BE a MILLIONAIRE!!!!

Want to have some more fun?  If you could find just $916 per month, max out your Roth 401K of $11,000 (which is the max per couple, I think…I’m not a pro, just a fun little lady with an awesome calculator!) then you would have…

45 years old + 916/month + 20 years (65 years old) = $895,000!  (That’s almost a millionaire!)

35 years old + 916/month + 30 years (65 years old) = $2,998,000! (…hold me up, I’m fainting…  FRIENDS!  That’s almost $3,000,000!!!!)

And if you waited until 75 years of age to touch it while continuing to invest that money, you would have nearly $10,000,000!!!




Now you know where in the world I got the number for us having $10,000,000 in retirement by the time we got to our 50th wedding anniversary!  It’s in 40 years from now! Isn’t wisdom just so fun?!  Read about that one here.


Why is this so amazing?! Because to get $10,000,000 in 40 years, we would only be putting away $440,000!! That’s making the most of our money, isn’t it?! It’s the compound interest!!


Calculate For You

I’ve got to stop typing.  I need to revisit my own budget and free up more money.  How about you?

For us, we are still killing Goliath … aka… getting out of debt.  But once we do, watch out investing, HERE. WE. COME!!!!

Want to have a little fun too?!  Click on this link.  Play with the numbers.  I put 12% return (even though one of our investments got an average of 17% one year. That was beautiful!) 😉

Go nerd out for a bit.  You’ll enjoy it!  Maybe throw me a comment about what you found?!  That would be fun!

Living Intentionally Focused Everyday!



  1. Glenda Buckley says:

    Dad says if you die before then, your kids will love you and thank you! 😂😂😂

    • Haha! And that’s the WHOLE goal of us stewarding our finances well! To leave a legacy for our grandchildren {as taught by God & announced by Dave Ramsey}. Proverbs 13:22
      “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.”

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