What’s Your Next Step? {Pics of 28 Days Before and After Results!}

What’s your next step?  The question is powerful but more so than the question, the secret sauce is in the answer.  So I ask you, what’s your next step?  Maybe you’re thinking, “wait a second, I didn’t do these four weeks with you, I just sat there eating my delicious food while I cheered you on!  You wanted ME to do that too?!”

Ha!  I appreciate the encouragement.  Really, I couldn’t have done these four weeks without you guys! A BIG THANK YOU to each and everyone of your emails, contacts, stories, journeys, cheers, and praises.  I “ate” them up…maybe literally because I was probably hungry. 😉

My Last 4 Weeks

But before we answer that question for you, let me share with you a bit about how my four weeks went.

Here it goes…

Wow, what an easy 28 days, right?! Ha!  Truth be told, sitting here this morning, I wouldn’t go back and change anything about these 28 days.

I have to admit.  I was a little disappointed when I didn’t look like my 12.5% bodyfat “after” pictures.  But then again, it’s only been 28 days!  HUGE accomplishment!  Not only do my pants button but I didn’t have to JUMP into them to even get them up to my waist!  I’m sure my pants feel great about that too! 😉

28 days they button


My workouts were on average a combination of 15 minutes a day (at home, no equipment needed)!!  Seriously.  No joke.  A combination of strength workouts and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.


5 meals a day

1 gallon of water

Low carbs for 2-3 days

High Carb day (yum!)

Low carbs for 2-3 days

Then usually another high carb/FREE Guilt free day where I got to eat whatever I wanted to, without any GUILT!  Big WIN!

There were no special pills.  No quick fixes.  These are some pretty real results. 

What in it for you?!  What’s your next step?

I was thinking about us through these 28 days.  Really, I was!  I care about you, a lot!  I care about your discouragement.  I care about the times you look in the mirror and are flooded with feelings of self-hatred and judgment.  I care about your lack of energy.  I care about it because I have been there.  Way too many times!

What’s next?

Many people have been emailing me, asking to meet with me, or wanting to know how I did it.

So I have come up with a solution!

Watch this 1:45 minute video to see what’s next for me, you, your friends, and US!!!!

I cannot wait for January!  For more details, click here.

Much love as we aim to Live Intentionally Focused Everyday!


To watch the full 11 minute video where I share about my personal struggles with body transformations and weight gain and loss.  Through my two pregnancies, family health issues, then my own miscarriage.  Life hasn’t always been struggle free.  But we can’t stop, right?  Click here to hear the full raw emotions, uncut video.

But do you want to know where I want to be in 40 years?!  Click here to read about my dream and dare to dream with me!

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