My 3 Vulnerable Before & After Pictures {Transformation Tuesday}

I’ve been sitting here starring at this white screen.  Should I do this?  Should I not?  Everything inside me cringes when I think about pressing “send.”  Who’s going to see these pictures?  Are they going to laugh at me?  Look at me in disgust?  Think I’m a slob for gaining 70 pounds with each pregnancy?!

I’m a fitness guru.  I know exactly what to do.  I know exactly how to be strong and in the best shape of my life.  Yet, these three before and after body transformation pictures show something in my life that happened and it got me off track {I’m not ready to share that story yet… Maybe this week, maybe next… Baby Steps…}

You’ll see the cheezy and comical look on my “before” photos with my pants not fitting but deep down inside, I’m pretty disappointed.  And I struggle with not wanting to do what I know to do.  I kinda want to give up at times and just pray for a faster metabolism.  Yet, I know that’s not the answer.

You been there too?! 

[Your big “YES!” goes right here.]

Thanks for making me feel better. 😉  That’s why I love you!



For me, when “LIFE HAPPENS,” I eat!  Happy.  Sad.  Excited.  Upset. Scared.  Nervous.  Anxious.  Peaceful.

You name the emotion, and I have a perfect serving of food to go right with that feeling.  Argh!  Not fun.

Well, in all honesty, I’m just putting this out there because I have a desire.  Not only to get to my 50th wedding anniversary dream {40 years from this post} but to see us all be strong and healthy for our God-given destinies!  I want to see you unlock your potential, too.

As you are a wife, a mommy, a sister, a daughter, a student, a friend, a business owner, a manager, a director, a professional… you name it, I want you to enjoy what God is asking you to do.  And I want you to have enough energy and strength to get through the day!


I used to be a fan of long hours in the gym, six days a week-because it does work.

But now…  I’ve realized that that’s not attainable for a woman with any full schedule. 


What if I could help you figure out a unique plan for YOUR life, and YOUR time, and YOUR physical desires.  Wouldn’t that be neat?  We’ll talk about that later.

But for now, join me for 4 weeks.  I need the #accountability.  I need the #encouragement.  Just being honest.

Follow me on Instagram at @JamyeSack. {And Facebook too!}

I’ll post the following:

  • Pics of my daily meals
  • Pics of me attempting to workout
  • Maybe a few more progress pics


This time around, I want to try to achieve my goals differently. So I’m going to do the following:

  • Eat 3 meals, 2 snacks
  • Simple {no weighing any food} carb cycle
  • No gym, no weights…just me and my God-given body

We’ll see what happens!

ANNNNDDD…. I think I’ve been stalling long enough.  Yep, I’m filibustering my way through this post thinking that maybe you’ll change your mind.  Or I will… and I won’t show you the PICTURES!!!  Joking joking.  AHHH!  Here it goes!  {And these were even the “good” before photos!}

One more thing…

I have three transformations.

  1. in 2012 from the 2010 baby
  2. in 2014/2015 from the 2013 baby
  3. in progress… today because… long story.

Here are the pictures.  Please share this email.  Sounds crazy.  But I want this story out there.  I know that it’s not just me.  And I trust that God will use my vulnerability to invite others into their freedom!

Transformation 1: I got to 12.5% bodyfat {You might’ve seen these before.}

transformation 1 pics only

Transformation 2: I got back in my pants!  Not sure of my bodyfat %.  And sorry, I didn’t take any real “after” photos.  I just wasn’t thinking about it.  So this is the best I can find.  But my pants did fit!  And I felt Amaaaazing!!!  I had enough energy to be traveling and speaking.  Loved it!

transformation 2 photos only

Transformation 3: LIFE HAPPENS.  Story to come.  I didn’t get way off track but my pants.  They don’t fit!!  And they’re not even my “skinny” jeans.  So here we go.  Join me for 4 weeks!

Life Happens before pics

If you haven’t signed up to follow the blog posts.  Please do!  I’d love to be friends.  And I’d love for us to inspire each other!

Don’t forget to do me a favor and please forward this message. 😉 Big hugs!

Warmly in His love,






  1. And that’s why I love you, Jamye! You’re not afraid to put your beautiful self out there to help others! I’m in:-)

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