Change Your Mind Before You Change Your Body

I sat in the doctor’s office with the best respected, well-known, yet “seasoned” doctor in the region.  The time came for the simple “knee jerk” test.  I’ve watched Ernie do this on Sesame Street.  I’ve experienced it every year.  A simple tap under the knee cap and wallah! Your knee kicks out from the reflex.


Because I knew what was about to happened, I relaxed my entire body.  I let my limbs hang in a yoga like state.

The Dr. hit the spot.

Nothing happened.

Poor guy!  I didn’t realize he was getting so old. 

The Dr. hit the spot again.

No kick.

Wow, I’ll just look straight ahead.  He must not be having a good day.

The Dr. hit the knee for a third time.

By this time I was embarrassed FOR him.  Maybe he should consider retiring?!

Without even a flinch, the Dr. asked me to interlock my fingers and pull apart my hands on the count of three.


1-2-3…  I pulled.

He hit my knee and you wouldn’t believe it!!!!  My KNEE KICKED!!!!!

The light bulb went off.  I looked up at the Jewish Doc mischievously.

“Did you do that on purpose??”

He smirked.

womans mind with chevron ad

Our Minds Are Powerful

Joyce Meyer, a world renowned Christian author and speaker, wrote a book called “Battlefield of the Mind.”  This is one of her top selling books of all times!  Selling millions of copies.  Why?  Because our minds are really in a battle.

You might think that your battle is with your lunges and your schedule.  But I have a hunch that it’s not.

You might think that your battle is with your clean eating and sweet tooth.  But I have a hunch that it’s not.

Have You Ever Tried a DIET??

If you’ve ever tried to start a diet, you know that when afternoon hits, the party starts, or the husband asks for us to go out to dinner (that means grabbing a quick pizza, right??! I love it!) then we throw in the towel promising to start again TOMORROW or better yet, MONDAY MORNING!!  Right??

Our Minds Must Be STRONG Too

  • What if I told you that the battle with the diets and fitness plan has more to do with our minds than we think?  Would you believe me?
  • What if I told you that I have a secret formula that has proven to get me to start and stick to my own fitness plan (different ones both times) to achieve dramatic results (after both pregnancies put a sweet 70 pounds on my frame).. Would you believe me?


2nd transformation full picture       transformation pregnancy one full picture with description

What the Dr. knew, that I didn’t (at the time) was that our minds hold on to much more than we understand.  I sat there with every intention of relaxing.

I KNEW what was supposed to happen.

Yet it didn’t.

It wasn’t until I took the focus off of what was supposed to happen and shifted it to another spot did my body do what it was designed to do!

Isn’t that much like our food and fitness plans?  What if we approach 2016 differently.  We will allow our bodies to go through the FOOD plan and the FITNESS plan BUT THIS TIME, we will focus on our MINDS going through the MENTAL TOOLS that it takes to START and STICK to our great results?!

Check out what Program will be best for you!

Let us change our MINDS before we can change our BODIES!

I look forward to serving you!!


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