How To Show Them They’re Valuable

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With a five year old and 2 1/2 year old, I sure don’t have enough years under my belt to proclaim an expert in parenting.  But one thing I do know.  Whatever I seem to do, they do it.

There she was.  Precious little Shyloh.  Our sweet spunky 2 1/2 year old.  She runs out to the driveway and sees the Acorn (our weekly free local newspaper) and exclaims “PRAISE JESUS!  We got mail!”  That comment I was sure proud of.

Then there’s the time when Shyloh picked up a coveted item at Target and said in a bold toddler voice… “OH.  MY.  GAWWWSHHH!!!”

I Elsa froze.


Where. Did. She. Learn. That??!

I blushed 360.  It may not sound like profanity but boy did that not sound right coming out of her mouth.  When I realized that maybe, just maybe, I say that same phrase on more than one occasion, I did a reality check.  I did a reality check on my words.  And I did a reality check on every area of my life.

They Watch You Because They Want To Be Just Like You

Like I said, I’m not a seasoned parenting pro.  But one thing I do know is that the little (and big) lives looking up to us (whether our own children or those children we are influencing) are looking at us.  They watch us.  They are actively learning from what we do, say, and how we spend out time.  One thing they will see more than anything else is: How does SHE treat herself?

It might sound selfish to go to the gym, eat healthy, spend time tending to your self-care.  Yet, it’s not.  It’s one of the greatest investments you can make for you.  And it’s one of the greatest silent lessons we are actively teaching our children.

It’s not an obsession, because that’s not healthy.  But it’s a stewardship of the body God has given us.

I had one of the hardest years of my life (emotionally) in 2015.  You can watch my vulnerable and raw video here.  But I am walking out of that tomb and asking you, how can I serve you? 

How Can I Best Serve You?

I want to help you take care of you.  Consider joining me on January 4, 2016 for the start of my new online coaching course “Let’s Get Personal Training” where we tackle more than just your food and fitness.  We gain the proven mental tools to not just start but STICK to your best health!

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All my love as Live Intentionally Focused Everyday in leading by example,


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