Group’s 4 Week Weight loss! [Announcement of NEW Groups Day & Time]

Let’s get honest here…. when I began this new food and fitness coaching business, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had a vision.  I had a heart.  And I had all the tools these women needed to transform their bodies.

Did I think it would work?

Yes…at least I hoped… it worked for me! 

Did I think I would love it?


Did I think they would love it?

Wasn’t positive.

The Mid-Way Results

I have to admit, I do not like it… I LOOOOOVVVEEEE it!!!!  I cannot begin to tell you how in love I am with this process, these women, their hearts, their drive, …  the list could go on and on.  We are having the time of our lives!


I went into this hoping to give all that I could and in return, I am so blessed to be receiving so much more than expected.

I know, you want to know though–does it work?

Are the women seeing Results?

YES!!  Every week is a little different for each woman but they are MELTING!  INCHES are FLYING off!

7 women on Wednesday morning’s group has lost a total of 51 pounds in FOUR weeks!  But I’m not so jazzed about the pounds because let’s be honest, the scale is a liar!  I’m SO jazzed about their inches!

Pants are fitting again.

I see rolls coming off!

I see waists thinning out!

And some have found their ABS again!


No process is easy and these women have knocked my socks off with their heart, determination, humor, and insight.  They. Bless. ME!

shes strong logo with black circle

Who are we?!  We are “She’s Strong in Mind & Body.” Why?  Because it’s more than just about being skinny and sexy, right?!  If we women are going to do what we LOVE in life then we have to be STRONG.  Not bulky like a bodybuilder.  Lean and strong physically but most importantly, emotionally and mentally, to do all that’s in our heart.  [While this is a secular 8 week course, my heart of this movement comes from Proverbs 31:17.] So if we women are going to…


  • Start the business.
  • Earn the income.
  • Flourish in our hobby.
  • Find our love.
  • Excel in motherhood Not run away from home!! 😉
  • Win wife of the year I survived as a wife while being a mom award.
  • Write the book.
  • Tackle the dream.
  • Pay off the debt.
  • Stop the divorce.
  • Strengthen the marriage.
  • Start that…
  • Stop this..

If we, women, are going to start and stick to anything in life it begins with STRENGTH.

This 8 week program is so much more than food and fitness.  It’s all about YOU!  Beautiful YOU.

Consider joining me for the next groups of women.

shes strong 8 week course curriculum and coaching

I will be opening the group up this week!

This week is packed with women’s conferences and speaking events so the spots will fill up quickly.

Here’s a snapshot of what one of our virtual classes (group sessions) look like…  Aren’t these some hotties??!!  Love my “secret” friends!  😉  Please note: Group sessions are in an interactive “class” format.  Workouts are done on your own schedule.

sample group session pic

Group 1-Wednesday AM Group (every Wednesday AM for 8 weeks)

Starting Wednesday, April 6th at 9:00 am (30-60 minutes)



UPDATE: Groups are currently closed.

To start your journey today, join the one-on-one 8-week course with me as your coach!  Click here to learn more!




All workouts can be done at home and take approximately 30 minutes in length.  No weights required.  No special shakes.  No pills.  Real food.  Real women.  Real transformation.

Want to join us in our “She’s Strong” movement?!

I would LOVE to help you feel your best!

All my love…  I cannot wait to see who is in these next groups!


For more information on the groups and/or the program, please visit this page.


UPDATE: Groups are currently closed.

To start your journey today, join the one-on-one 8-week course with me as your coach!  Click here to learn more!


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