Why Your Purple Folder Could Propel You Financially

You need a purple folder.  Okay, maybe not purple.  But a folder.  Let me give one definite fact.

You won’t always FEEEEL good about your finances.


When Robert and I decided that no one was going to pay for this big giant $80,000 school loan for us, we decided to go for it.  We called it “Death to Goliath!!!”  We still do.

This specific loan payoff started November 1, 2014.  I felt that I needed to track how God showed up in the middle of our finances.  This $80,000 loan was nothing short of intimidating.  In fact, I tried person alibis, excuses, or just lame reasons as to why we should not be paying off this loan.  But everything was just a lie (to myself).  We needed to do it.  If you don’t know why we needed to, then read the post about what made me get MAD about our debt!

I took a cheap purple spiral journal.  One subject.  That’s all we needed.  And I began documenting that journey.  Every time I was “wow’d!” by something or God moved mountains for us, financially speaking, I dated it and wrote it down.


Here’s one of my first entries:

11/6/14 – Thursday, November 6th.  The girls and I headed to the mall for a kids show–FREE.  They had samples, crafts, a music show, lemonade, etc.  And there was a raffle.  I heard the number being called “last three are 1 – 8 – 1″…  THAT’S ME!!!!  With a large crowd, God saw ME!  We won a purple- My Little Pony Build A Bear in a box!!  Since Shyloh (19 months) didn’t see it, it now becomes her Christmas present!  God is SO faithful to our obedience, sacrifice, and heart to be surrendered!!!  A $25 value-for FREE!!!!”

My entries get shorter and shorter.  And I did forget to do some for weeks, if not months, at a time.  But for the pages of entries I did remember to do, I have treasured.  I read over them to encourage me that it is worth it.  I read over them to remind myself that God is faithful!  Just as the Israelites at to remind themselves of God’s faithfulness, I need to be reminded.

All this to say, I think you need a purple folder too!  We assume we will remember when we are in that dark, un-motivating moments of life, but we probably won’t.  At least I don’t.  I need a folder to read to myself.  It’s a personal testimony of God’s goodness to us!

You won’t always FEEEEEEL good about your finances.  So remember, purple folder it up! 😉  It can propel you in your finances!

What are some ways you encourage yourself?  I would love to hear!  Comment below! 

And be sure to follow me this blog if you haven’t signed up already.  I think we could be the best of friends! 😉

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Living Intentionally Focused Everyday!





  1. So true that we won’t always remember the moments when we recognize and see Gods hand. Journal is a great idea!

  2. I LOVE this idea!
    I need to get a PURPLE FOLDER!

    God blesses us daily with small to big things.

    2 days ago, a shiny penny, right side up.
    2 weeks ago, a contract on our ranch with 2 back ups.

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