4 Tricks To Drinking More Water


One of the key things to your health and weightloss is water.  You need to drink water in order to flush out the toxins, and cleanse the fat from your system.  You’ve heard is said “water is good for you.”  But what if you don’t like to drink it?

You may not have a problem with drinking your water.  But are you really drinking enough?  I can drink juice, or flavored anything without a problem.  But water just doesn’t seem to do the trick.  Yet, I have the best results when I drink it.

I have no idea why but I am not a water consumer.  I have trouble drinking my water.  However, I have learned some secrets in the water consumption department. If you can relate with me or just seem to have trouble drinking water then follow the 4 tricks below:

Trick #1) Start with a gallon.  Yep!  This will be the true test to whether you are drinking enough water.  Fill up a gallon container and drink your water from that gallon.  If you would like to be polite then put it in another container to actually drink it.  But only drink from that gallon.  This will reveal whether you truly drink enough water each day.

Trick #2) Set an alarm.  How silly is this trick?  Yet, it works!  By setting your iphone alarm every hour, you can ensure that you are drinking your water throughout the day.  This is help your body utilize the water.

Trick #3) Use some lemon. While this trick isn’t sweet like lemonade, it works.  In fact, you will be benefiting from the vitamin C that you squeeze in the water.  Also, I’ve heard that lemon in your water actually help stablize your insides (although I have no proof of that).  If you don’t like lemon, then try some orange, cucumbers, raspberries, etc. Anything to add a slight little flavor to your water.

Trick #4) Drink the water BEFORE you eat.  Plan to drink about 8 ounces of water 30 minutes before you eat.  This will not only help hydrate you but help fill up your belly.  When your belly is full, you won’t be tempted to eat so much during your meal.  It’s a simple trick but it works.

Use these four tricks and you’ll find your skin feeling snappier, your mind focusing, and your overall health excelling.  All because of water!

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  1. OOH! I love the idea of drinking a big glass of water 30 minutes before eating… I will use that once this baby comes out 🙂

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