Save Money On Your Christmas Tree


Sure, a Christmas tree is a holiday tradition.  But who says we have to celebrate it in the normal way?  Why not create your own family tradition and save money this Christmas?


One morning I had the motivation to begin Christmas decorating (this was before Thanksgiving, which NEVER happens!).  I busted out the Christmas tubs and went to work.  Sooner than later, I had this brilliant idea as to how to not get a Christmas tree.


I pulled out my husband’s green ladder from the garage and went to town.  Our two year old daughter and I had the time of our lives.  We decorated the green ladder with lights, garland and non breakable Christmas ornaments.  We listened to Christmas music and had the time of our lives.  We giggled and laughed while saving money.


Not warning my husband about the tree, he walked in and was a little (or a lot) surprised.  We had a ladder for our Christmas tree.  He said, “How am I supposed to use my ladder?”  I laughed and said, “I’ll go borrow one from a neighbor?”  He still hasn’t needed his ladder.  All that to say that after the initial shock, he really enjoyed the tree.  But most of all, he enjoyed saving money.


IMG_1950Why spend $30 to $60 on a Christmas tree when you can create your own?


These are the top 3 reasons why I went with an abstract tree.

1) To save money.

2) To save our allergies from the real Christmas tree.

3) Be eco-friendly.


Who knows what kind of tree we will have next year.  But this year is all about tightening our budget and pinching every penny.  Others have sure questioned our decision on the Christmas tree but I bet they won’t be questioning our decision when they see us completely out of student loan debt and living with the peace and freedom!


Question: What creative things have you done instead of a real Christmas tree?

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  1. Robert Sack says:

    Saw the tree, loved the tree!


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