December’s Deception: Preventing The Trap Of Overspending

December is the month of gift giving, gift getting, or going in debt.  The choice is yours.  Marketing is up and so is spending.  If you are like everyone else, you find yourself running to the store to purchase a bottle of shampoo and end up in a trap to overspend.   Your eyes are attracted to […]

Free Movie Ticket until 12/18/12

I love going on dates with my husband.  I really love when those dates are FREE!  I love finding good deals.  But I really LOVE when I find things for FREE!  Well, a few days ago the Lord blessed us with not only a great deal, but a great FREE DATE!  I want you to […]

Save Money On Your Christmas Tree

Sure, a Christmas tree is a holiday tradition.  But who says we have to celebrate it in the normal way?  Why not create your own family tradition and save money this Christmas?   One morning I had the motivation to begin Christmas decorating (this was before Thanksgiving, which NEVER happens!).  I busted out the Christmas […]