Do they button?! Progress Pictures from Day 1 to Day 13

In my commitment to be transparent {for me, painfully transparent at times}, I am giving you an update on my progress pics.  So here they are!  Day 1 to Day 13.

  • No trainer
  • No gym
  • 15 minutes or less workouts
  • No weights (my bodyweight only)
  • Carb Cycling (3 days low, 1 day high, 2 days low, 1 day high/cheat meal day)
  • No pills, no gimmicks
  • Clean eating
  • Not really weighing foods, not obsessing…just replacing Mac ‘n Cheese & ice cream for mostly God’s foods!  Who knew?!!  😉

Day 13’s not perfect but it’s a start!

Your inspiration and encouragement to me have been priceless.  So THANK YOU friends for your comments, emails, texts, etc.  You are a blessing to me!  All I have to say is that accountability (both sides of it) works!!

Happy Monday!  Maybe you’ll want to join me this week?!  You can find me on Instagram @JamyeSack.  Lots of love!

Day 13 progress before and after photos

Living Intentionally Focused Everyday {or at least we’re trying, right??!} 😉



  1. Congratulations! Great job!!

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