What I Did 350 Times That Helped Me Lose ?? Pounds of FAT {My 10 wk body transformation results – Part 2}

Losing fat and toning our bodies is no easy task.  Just a simple ten weeks ago {19 months after baby #2} I threw in my towel.  I needed help.

I was failing and needed assistance.  Big time.  What I was doing just simply was not working.  That was the cold hard truth.  Effort + failing = Not Working.  I would work hard half of the day and then give up the rest of the day.

The equation was simple.  It was just my pride of “I know how to do this…  I have done this before…” excuses were getting in my way.  With a DHEA hormone level of a 75-year-old woman {at 33 years of age!} and a jiggly belly to accompany those stats, I was defeated.  Read more about why I hired an online personal trainer in this post.

What I did 350 Times Blog post pic

One Decision

I made a decision {Robert, my hot husband, and I actually decided together because he’s paying for it!} to hire Allison.  To be honest, I had high unrealistic hopes that she would encourage me every single day to get out of bed and go to the gym.  {Although she encourages me, she doesn’t tell me to get myself out of bed.  That’s up to me.}  I had hoped she’d tell me how amazing I was for eating one out of five of the meals in the day, or pat me on the back when I just didn’t want to eat that chicken breast.  {She wouldn’t know if I followed the plan until 70 meals later-2 weeks.}

But soon enough I realized I didn’t hire a cheerleader or someone to BE my self-esteem or DO my hard work.  Although she is the best trainer ever, I had to do all the hard work.  She has just set me up to succeed!  I hired a professional trainer who customizes a personal training plan around my crazy mommy schedule.  And a trainer who also customizes an eating plan based on foods that I already were eating.

And I had to do the work.  Simple.  Hard!

The beauty of it?  I do not obsess about my food or workouts.  I just simply have to follow the piece of paper and do the work.  {Easier said than done.}  However, I have done it so far.

The Big 350

In the last ten weeks I was assigned to eat five meals a day.  At seven days a week, for ten weeks, that equals 350 meals.

10 {weeks} * 7 {days a week} = 70

70 {days} * 5 {meals a day} = 350

{Simple math.  Hard to do.}


Not a gourmet chef but I’m getting creative with my plan. Colors!

Of those 350 meals, I believe I have missed about 6 meals.  Some of the meals were “free meals” meaning that I could eat off the training plan but NOT binge eat.  Right…right…right…

I did it.  And yum, yum, yum!  Those “free meals” soon became my date nights with my hubby every other weekend.  Love it!  We’ve had suishi, gourmet grilled cheese, and hamburgers & chips, with ice cream or frozen yogurt for a sweet delight!

Other meals I just simply missed because I timed something wrong and/or was out of the house longer than expected without my prepared food.

My Results after eating 350 meals {really…344}?!

Bodyfat % = lost 5.2%!

Pounds {remember that you can gain muscle & the scale does not show how much FAT you have lost…so weight is really not too realistic to go off of} = 14.5 pounds!

Waist Inches = 3.5!

Thigh Inches = 1.5!

Hip Inches = 2.75!

And more!!!

I feel strong.  I feel energetic.  I feel empowered to accomplish ALL that God has for me in this world.  My online trainer costs only a small fraction of an in the gym personal trainer.  But she’s been such a blessing to help me climb out of my pit.  I check in with her every two weeks.  In between those two weeks, I am focused.  I stay on the plan.  I write down every time of day I eat and report it to her every two weeks.  And I execute what I am told to do.

I praise God that He created our bodies to work.  He gave us a heart that beats and He allows our bodies to be strengthened when we make the decision to start.

January is just around the corner.  Maybe you’ll decide to join me on a difficult but rewarding journey of self-control, discipline, and a strong YOU?!


Umm…this woman working out is not me…just in case you confuse us! lol

I’m not going to lie.  It has not been easy.  But I am also not going to lie…it is SO rewarding!  In fact, because I worked so hard for 10 weeks, I have been rewarded with TWO free meals for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!  Yay Jesus! {Merry Christmas ME!}

So what did I do 350 {344} times in the last 10 weeks to lose 14.5 pounds of fat?!  I chose my butternut squash, spaghetti squash, oranges, apples, bananas, spinach, chicken breast, oatmeal, egg whites, almonds, on and on and on… instead of my homemade decadent cookies. 

{P.S.  I can wear the other half of my closet again!!!! Praise Jesus!!!  It has been so long since I’ve worn some of those articles of clothing that they are probably out of style but I just do not care!  I am loving it!!}

All for His Glory!

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“She strengthened herself {physically, spiritually, and mentally} for her God-given tasks.” Proverbs 31:17 AMP


  1. Congrats for hanging in there! You are inspiring – thank you!

  2. That’s awesome!!!! I’m very proud of you! I knew you would do it! What’s the goal? How many lbs? Inches? Or did you already hit the goal?

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