Three Strategies To Help You Reach Your Goals {My 10 week body transformation update – part 1}

It was only 10 short {for me l–ooo-ng} weeks ago I hired an online personal trainer, Allison, in attempts to pull me out of a muddy pit.  Read about my woes in this recent blog post titled “Why I hired a personal trainer“.  These last 10 weeks have been anything but easy.  My results to date?  Amazing!  Before I share with you my specific stats, let me share with you three mental strategies that have really helped me succeed.

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1: Strong “Yeses” and strong “No’s”

What does that mean?  Well, in my life I seem to always have the option to say “yes” or “no” to just about anything.  When I realize that I am in control of my life then I make decisions that will help me get to where I need to go.

Many times I find myself saying “no” to things I would absolutely love to be doing: eating a bowl of ice cream, going out to dinner with friends, hanging out with people, volunteering for a fun assignment, buying that outfit that’s finally on clearance, and the desires go on and on.  However, if I say “yes” to one thing then it means I have to say “no” to something else.  This is something I have learned in these 10 weeks that have helped me make strong decisions.

2. Delayed Gratification

There are times at night when my self-control muscle {yes, research reveals that it works as a muscle! Crazy, right?!} is exhausted from answering little cries, eating on plan all day, training in the gym, keeping my tongue in control while wanting to whine and complain, etc. that I just want to eat that decadent bowl of ice cream, cereal {it’s my favorite!}, or just a simple chip or two…but I don’t.  Why?  Because I know that if I delay my gratification in that very specific moment, I will be rewarded the following day.

I have to admit, there has not been one day that I woke up and said to myself “Man, I really wish I had eaten those chips and big bowl of yummy delicious ice cream!”  Nope.  Never happened.  Why?  Because when I can delay my gratification, I can walk in faith that my blessing is just around the corner.  I won’t go into a biblical message right now but to be honest, my favorite man- Jesus– is my King in delaying gratification!  What an example He is for me.

3. Slow and Steady Wins

If you know me then you know I am a sprinter.  Marathons?  Not. For. Me. However, one thing I have learned along these 10 weeks is that I have a LONG ways to go to get my body into incredible strength and health.  My changes in nutrition and training are not so drastic that they are unrealistic.  In fact, I usually get the urge to start “doing more” {eating less calories or doing cardio} when my trainer kindly reminds me that I am in my “sweet spot” and what we are doing is working.  So don’t throw yourself out of balance.  She’s right.

To be honest with you, I do not do any cardio in the gym, and it’s pretty simple.  This is what it looks like:

  • 4 days of 45 minutes in the gym training with weights {fun and easy}
  • No cardio at the gym
  • 5 days of afternoon walks, 30 minutes
  • 5 meals every 3-4 hours {my meals are prepared one day a week and are a cinch to whip up! honestly!}
  • 1 free {not FR$$ but meaning a meal “off-plan” but not a cheat meal} every two weeks; this is usually Robert and my date night…love love love my time with him! {I get this “free/off-plan” meal only if I earned it the previous two weeks.}

All that to say these three mental strategies are the greatest gems I have carried away so far in my last 10 weeks of transforming my body back to health and strength.  Of course, these three strategies can be transferred to any goal that you are wanting to accomplish.  Be it an education, a debt payoff plan, a new budget, a body transformation plan, or starting a new business.  Whatever your goal, maybe try using some of my three mental strategies to see if it helps!

My results?  Sorry, next post!  Hee, hee, I’m just helping your strategy 2: delayed gratification.  You’re welcome.

Many blessings in Jesus’ name!

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  1. Trudy Molina says:

    Thank you sharing and helping me with delayed gratification. Can’t wait to meet you when you join us at Northgate Christian Fellowship as our guest speaker for our women’s retreat! Merry Christmas!

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