The Hubby Actually Let Me Do This {My FREE 3-Minute Video Story}

Can I just be honest here?  When you have been starring at the same finances for months, and your lifestyle is the same, it’s almost as if there is NO way to see hope!  I was secretly starting to feel that way with $184,400 in debt.  I didn’t want to become a crazy coupon lady {no offense if you are one! You’re amazing!} but I wanted to get us out of debt.  But I just didn’t know how.

There weren’t a lot of changes that Robert and I could make to our financial picture. We seemed to be without anymore room for cash flow.  Well…. and I mean BIG wellllll…  That’s until this one crisp California day when good ‘ol yours truly had an incredible idea!!  At first Robert thought I was crazy!  {Which he’s usually right when psycho-analyzing someone. Just sayin’}  Then, he paused.  I knew he was going to let us…  rather, let ME do this!!  This one change gave me hope!

Are there small changes you are willing to make in order to live out your dreams?  Did you know that a small one degree change can completely altar the trajectory of an airplane?

So there was one small change I made to gain massive momentum in our debt snowball.  And my hubby, Robert, actually let me do this!!  Enjoy the story in a 3 minute listen!

Free 3-Minute Video

For the full message, please visit Northgate Christian Church’s site for a free listen.

Want to dream a little bit with me?  Don’t forget to check out my “How $139k Weighed Down My Dreams” post.

Let me know what sacrifices and/or you have made!  Who knows, maybe I’ll convince Robert to try that one too!  😉

Much love,



  1. Nancy Benton says:

    Omg Dave Ramsey financial course saved this single mom of now 11yrs.
    I have been cash and check only since going through his course. I still have a small amount of back taxes to pay, but I have seen God be faithful. In these 11yrs I have paid off a car, taxes, watched God provide what me and my 4 kids needed. It’s taught my kids to learn how to budget and trust God for everything, including most recently a new roof on the house.
    Thank you Dave Ramsey and thank you Jayme for your motivation

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