I know you will like this FREE Video…

There is not much I need to say.

Focused finances green.jpg

These men…

  • Jesus,
  • my husband,
  • my dad,
  • and now, Dave Ramsey, have changed my life.

Dave has inspired me with practical steps to get to where I knew we could be financially.  You may think that we have gone through Financial Peace University.  No, we actually haven’t.  All we have done is read “Total Money Makeover” {get your own copy today by purchasing the book on the link below!} and found real, practical steps to getting financially free-God’s way!

The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

Robert seems to have had this wisdom stored up within his heart, but I needed the perspective change.  I knew debt was bad.  But I didn’t realize how destructive it was.  It’s a serious issue. I LOVE you way too much to see you miss your God given destiny because you are stuck with payments for the rest of your life.  Get out!  Please!  You are too precious to live this “normal” way.

I know you will like this story as much as I do.

All because I love you!


I can’t seem to stop blogging about Focused Finances.  My heart is just too heavy for you and your family.  Read my dream for you.  The time is now.

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