Find Out Why This Weekend Is More Than A Normal Three Days.

Guess where we went four years ago and where we’re going today (without kids)?!

{Focused $, Focused Family…50th wedding anniversary, Here. We. Come.}

Four years ago, it was 2011.  This was our 6th anniversary and Robert had planned a surprise weekend getaway.  I was beyond excited.  Not just because I love surprises, but because I wanted to see what Robert had orchestrated as his masterpiece.

Between you and me, I wasn’t quite sure if I could leave my baby (13 month old at the time) and love this getaway.

Holy smokes was I wrong!

You might think he took me to Disneyland {because any friend of mine would take me there…hint hint ohhhh friends of mine!}

You might think to a nice spa getaway.  Nope! Not that either.

Maybe to a 5-star hotel with fine dining and the works.  Naw..

There we were.  Arriving in Orange County, California.

We pull up.






one conference pic 3

Pastor Jentezen Franklin’s ONE Marriage Conference getaway?!?!?!?!

BAAAAaaabe!!!  I didn’t even know you knew they were having a conference…better yet that I wanted to go!!!!

Robert nailed that getaway with perfection.  Precision.  Merry Christmas Me HIM!

one conference 4

one conference pic 2

10th Year Anniversary Getaway

Why did I tell you that story?  Because today we are celebrating our 10th anniversary with a sweet getaway.  This time, I planned it and Robert agreed!!!  Holy Smokes again!!!!

You see, I’m a bit more into Dave Ramsey than Robert is.

But Robert is excited to venture to Phoenix, Arizona for a one day Smart Conference event with Dave Ramsey, Chris Hogan, Rachel Cruze (Dave Ramsey’s daughter), and the rest of the team!  It’s not just about money but about life.

Six hours in the car.  Alone.  Just the two of us.  {Insert sweet delighted sigh here}  We can actually have more than a two minute conversation before we get interrupted!

smart conference pass pic

Have you been to one of his conferences or another amazing conference?!  Tell me about it.  I might want to schedule it in!

P.S.  Our 10th anniversary was July 2015 but we’ve been waiting for this fabulous weekend.  It’s in our new budget and you betcha I found myself a $5 off coupon. 😉

P.S.S.  I’ll try my best to take some pics and maybe share a bit of information I learned at the conference.

Love is definitely in the air this weekend!  This is definitely more than a normal weekend for us. 

Super super excited!


Have your heard about my 50th wedding anniversary dream? If not, you have got to check it out!


  1. Happy 10th Anniversary. Have an AMAZING weekend! So excited for you guys:-) Said an extra prayer in church this morning that your weekend be blessed in more ways than you could ever imagine! You guys are an amazing example of a Christian marriage, and give me such hope that I can have the same…in God’s time!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Can’t believe its been 10 years! Have fun and want to hear all about the conference. May God bless your weekend together and the next ….. years!

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