My “go-to” show for when I don’t want to pay off debt

This TV show will definitely heal you of anything like: keeping up with the Joneses coveting your neighbor’s house desiring more space wanting more stuff Okay, okay.  Ready for it? “Million Dollar Listing” Lol.  That’s definitely not the show to watch. It’s more like this. “House Hunters: Tiny Home Edition“ YEEES!  You’ve seen it too??!!?! This […]

Why this green plastic thing saved my budget

Starring at $184,400 in debt only three years ago was depressing. No way around it.  Every time I input the amount of money we could pay a month into the amortization calculator it was YEARS before we would see traction in our debt payoff.  But that didn’t stop us. Sallie Mae, student loan debt lady, was […]