[FREE Printable] Two Week Goal Calendar

I know that it’s not Monday (and every good start is a Monday, right?), but I just couldn’t wait to share.  With 92% of New Years resolutions a fail, I thought we could all use a little help. If you are wanting to take some great steps into this New Year, consider writing down your […]

[Promo Today 12/30] Register Here!

Register here.  To keep things simple just register you and your friend. I cannot wait to get to know you and see who YOU will reveal this 2016! *All registrants will be contacted by January 1, 2016 with registration confirmation and further details. All my love, Jamye

Find out if you’re 8 or 92

For 2015, I was 92!  Congratulations me.  I am NORMAL!  But maybe “normal” isn’t such a good thing in this case. What’s 8 and 92, you ask.  The percentages! 🙂  Statisticsbrain.com statistics for 2015 reveal that of those who make new years resolutions only 8% find success.  That means that 92% didn’t. Assuming you made a […]

[24 hours only] Special Discount on 8-week program

It’s one of those gifts that I’ve been dying to share with you!  But, I’ve practiced my self-control.  Yes, I have an “after-Christmas-Before-New-Years” ONE DAY ONLY discount for my new 8-week mind, fitness and food program! The evening group is closed but there are still a few more spots available in the Wednesday morning group (9:30 […]

Progress Pics DOWN 15 Pounds!

The proof is in the pudding, right?  Or maybe not in this case.  The proof is in the PICTURES and the freedom I feel!  The proof is also in the fact that when I first started this journey, now eight weeks ago, I could hardly (nope) jump (nope) fight (nope) FORCE (yep!) my way into my jeans!  While preparing to […]

FREE Downloadable Outlines for My 8-Week Coaching Course

Do you want to know a little more about what exactly you’re signing up for?!  I am so excited!  I cannot wait.  So, here it is.  Fresh off the press!  My three 8-week outlines available for you! If you’re anything like me then I like to know DETAILS!  So for our “overplanning” enjoyment, I’ve downloaded the […]

One reason why we must be so insecure

When I stare at the mirror in the morning, I’m not always impressed.  Rarely do I say to myself “Wow, your smeared make-up, roots growing into your non-blonde hair, your eye boogies, and the works are adorably lovely!” Rarely do I look at my reflection and think….  “God has plans for you.  You have potential. […]

Change Your Mind Before You Change Your Body

I sat in the doctor’s office with the best respected, well-known, yet “seasoned” doctor in the region.  The time came for the simple “knee jerk” test.  I’ve watched Ernie do this on Sesame Street.  I’ve experienced it every year.  A simple tap under the knee cap and wallah! Your knee kicks out from the reflex. […]

How To Show Them They’re Valuable

  With a five year old and 2 1/2 year old, I sure don’t have enough years under my belt to proclaim an expert in parenting.  But one thing I do know.  Whatever I seem to do, they do it. There she was.  Precious little Shyloh.  Our sweet spunky 2 1/2 year old.  She runs […]

REGISTRATION is now OPEN! {Reserve Your Spot Today!}

I wanted to be sure to share with you! Registration is now open.  Spots are limited.  For group times and dates please click here. I cannot wait to see who you will become in 2016! Are you as excited as these two are?!?!  I am!!!